• Believe Women

    Hi all - Kenny here. 

    A bit of a warning before you read any further, this could be a trigger for those who have experienced some sort of sexual abuse, so please proceed with caution. 

    I’ve always thought of myself as person women could trust. 

    A nice guy. 

    An ally.

    I guess it’s all true. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that I’ve spent a long time being rather passive with my feelings. I’ve been guilty of not speaking up when I see things I know are wrong because they don’t feel like my business. I’ve read and heard women speak of harrasment and I haven’t believed them. I’ve said things that were demeening, not even realizing how sexist there were. I’ve spent a great deal of time having faith in men who have turned out to be completely rotten. 

    Some things are about to change. 

    2016 has brought forth a variety of incidents of rape / sexual misconduct against women. As I read through post after post it breaks my heart to see that this is their reality in all walks of life, not just in music. I’ve felt the need to do something…to scream….“THIS ISN’T OKAY!" 

    The first step is apologizing for being an insensitive jerk and not believing. I’m sorry, I really am.

    As we enter in to shows for 2016 my amp will look like this: 

    It’s not much, but its something. Women, just know, one more person believes you. To anyone rolling their eyes at this, seriously, if a women tells you something inappropriate has happened to them, please believe them before giving the assailant in question the benefit of the doubt. 

    Stay tough  - KJC

    Hello all, it’s Tracy - 

    We return to the stage again after 6 months of as a revived band in many ways. We have a new rhythm section, more than half a new album worth of material written, and a common goal in mind. Kenny and I are dates, best friends, band members, and very protective of the creative community we call home. Music is a very important part of our lives. We consider it to be our sacred second home and a safe place. We want everyone in our extended family to feel welcome, respected, and to have an equal voice but unfortunately that is not always the reality (Berru, Gira, White Rainbow, and concert sexual assault as just a few recent examples)  We not only want to encourage those being mistreated to speak up but we also hope that our peers will welcome these voices to be truly heard without judgement and most importantly, believed. As a sexual assault and rape survivor who turned to music to give me my voice back, this support system is very important to me. It is life shattering to be abused but it is also soul crushing to be a victim a second time when those around you turn a blind eye to your claim or try to shift blame to the person who was abused or attacked. This is not acceptable and needs to be changed. We can’t however expect change however unless we do everything in our power to make this happen in our little corner of the world. We have a simple mantra : BELIEVE WOMEN. May one day all of our bubbles overlap to create a place that is safe and equal to all.

    We have a brand new song about this called "Reinvent the Space” which will be making its debut at live shows starting in April. 

    Reinvent the Space

    I am an impatient girl.
    I don’t like to wait.
    I feel followed here.
    By your shadow.

    We don’t own your freedom
    Swim make no waves.
    Cook but don’t stir.

    Invisible isn’t new.
    A chorus of empty promises.
    First you need to make room.
    We will reinvent the space.

    I yell so I am heard,
    Control what I can.
    Take back what was stolen
    Not borrowed.

    We don’t own your freedom
    Swim make no waves.
    Cook but don’t stir.

    What we deserve
    Is the right to break the silence.
    Keep listening.

    What we deserve
    Is the right to break the silence.
    No judgment.

  • 1st show in 2016. 

     1st Richmond show since September 2015. 

     1st time playing with all the bands on the bill. 



  • Tobias Carroll’s Best of 2015



    Photo by Zak Bratto

    Call it the year that pain felt liberating. On their second album, Cold Beat turned anxieties over the tech boom’s effect on cities into thrilling music, while Sufjan Stevens and Björk pared down their arrangements and channeled familial agonies with (respectively the stunning Carrie & Lowell and Vulcinura. Titus Andronicus and Fred Thomas kicked down various stylistic boundaries and turned depression into ecstasy on their latest albums, while Chastity Belt responded to institutional and personal misogyny by coming up with a brilliantly focused indie rock record. And Protomartyr brought the year to a close with an album that was jarringly haunting and oddly beautiful in places.

    Keep reading

  • Home.

    (photo by Jon Pro)

    And…we are finally back home for a little while. What an amazing couple of months it has been. Sharing our new record up and down the east coast has been truly magical and I do hope in the coming year we can venture out to new places westward and beyond. 

    Starting a new band in our mid thirties and early forties was terrifying. The game had changed drastically since me and Tracy last activity toured and we knew it. The cards felt stacked against us and the general consensus was that maybe we would just play a show every few months for fun and to keep stress down. Other people were doing it, why couldn’t we?

    The thing is…playing music is the ultimate drug. We can’t just play every once in awhile, it has to be as much as humanly possible. We owe the world to Sadie and James for coming along on the journey with us and providing the opportunity to do this in places outside of Richmond. The kind remarks we’ve gotten over the past few months are truly energizing and it is so appreciated. 

    I’m sitting at work right now, zonked after 4 hours of sleep and wouldn’t trade what I am feeling right now for the anything. 

    Be well world and we hope to see more of you soon.

    XOXO - PN

  • Band related media alert! 

    Tracy has started a new blog highlighting women in music!!!  In her own words…

    “I want women to feel encouraged to play music and or to create any role they wish within the music industry. I have created a new blog called Atta-GIRL! that will highlight female artists and contain interviews with women who work behind the scenes. The more of us there are, the less lonely and intimidating it will feel to be part of it. A daily dose of women in music will offer a constant reminder of all women who are worthy of taking inspiration from.”

    LINK HERE TO CHECK Atta-girl out!!!!!!!

    LINK HERE TO CHECK Atta-girl out!!!!!!!

    LINK HERE TO CHECK Atta-girl out!!!!!!!

  • Hiya Party People! Doing 2 shows back to back this weekend with Beach Slang. Alright is also coming along for the ride on Sunday. Come say hello if you are in the Charlottesville/Raleigh areas! Here are the show details and individual page invites.

    Saturday, October 24
    The Southern Café and Music Hall
    Charlottesville, VA
    w/Beach Slang

    Sunday, October 25
    Neptune’s Parlour (at King’s)
    Raleigh, NC
    w/Beach Slang & Alright

  • Tour Diary. Part 3.

    Here is the final jaunt of our journey. Post radio session we headed out to Asbury Park to play some pinball at The Silverball Museum/freeze on the beach. JERSEY!

    Aside from sleeping in often disastrous conditions, the worst part of touring is the insane amount of downtime you typically have upon arrival in a new city. What does one do with 3 hours to spare in Arlington , VA? Do as those Clarendon-folk do and eat oysters at Whole Foods? Sure. PS- Oysters are SUPER CHEAP and yummy at Whole Foods.  

    I’m particularly fond of this photo from Galaxy Hut. Mostly because it says BORING over top of us. I find this HILARIOUS! Thanks for the pic Alexia. 

    Things are starting to slow up from here. Thoughts of documentation growing less interesting. Here we are driving from DC to Baltimore, thrilled that its sunny and 70 degrees. 

    We’ve made it to Baltimore. Yep.

    Our last show was at the Crown in Baltimore. The Crown is a pretty cool space that has two separate rooms , both functioning performance spaces if needed. Karaoke was happening against our show. I decided to take Bully to the desert  in the RED ROOM aka Karaoke central. 

    PS - Karaoke had about 5 times as many people in attendance as our show.

    I didn’t take any pics of the drive home, but i can attest to the fact that listening to Beavis and Butthead episodes over the stereo is pretty entertaining. 

    Welp, there ya goes. Pics / notes coming soon from the Beach Slang weekender happening this Saturday/Sunday.

    Kisses - PN

  • Weird Hugs Video

    I feel like this video got lost in the shuffle a bit as it went live the moment we started driving to Philadelphia on the first day of tour. 

    If you missed it a few weeks back, here you go… The spooky, Halloween-centric video for Weird Hugs directed by William Hellfire and starring Erin Russ. 

    Here is a little note about it from us…

    Time is a mysterious beast. It can bring two people closer together or it can drive the most intimate of friends miles apart. “Weird Hugs” from Positive No’s debut album Glossa takes a magnifying glass to a relationship’s ugly transformation from an impenetrable meld to a monstrous chasm. When the force of attraction is broken, the magnetic field flips to repulsion and it would take a miracle of science to reverse this energy flow. Game over.

    Tracy Wilson of Positive No explains that “The best person to capture this comical horror we all experience at one time or another is long time friend and director William Hellfire. Bill and I met in the late ‘80s as high school kids. He was a regular customer at Flipside, a record store I worked at for many years. His offbeat sense of humor and passion for horror, not to mention an incredibly diverse taste in music, makes him the perfect director to bring this song to life with the help of girlfriend and actress Erin Russ. Unlike the themes contained in this song, Bill and I have remained friends for over 25 years and this video is a great symbol of a lifelong friendship that stemmed from the indie record store culture of New Jersey.”

    William Hellfire is an independent filmmaker who has produced and directed over 30 features including Duck! The Carbine High Massacre and Devil’s Bloody Playthings.  Pop Cinema will soon release William’s latest feature Upsidedown Cross starring Erin Russ (Weird Hugs, Porkchop) and David Yow (Jesus Lizard). Find more Hellfire films on and the ”Upsidedown Cross” trailer is here: ( For his first music video outing, Hellfire drew inspiration from Jean Rollin’s coming of age vampire fairytale “Requiem for a Vampire”, playfully exaggerating the pain of growing up and apart with monster attacks and shootouts with shop owners.